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cdn is a collection of extensions created by Chris Neale [and occasionally Stephen Clavering] for Phoenix Mozilla Firebird Firefox Browser, Mozilla Thunderbird Mail and Mozilla


for Moz, Fx and Tb

chromedit.xpi [ Oct 22, 2004 ]

ChromEdit is a User File Editor for all the major Mozillan applications which lets you edit userChrome.css, userContent.css and user.js from the comfort of your app., there is no requirement for you to know the location of your profile.
Compact Menu

for Fx 1.0.x and 1.5b1

compact.xpi [ Apr 19, 2005 ]
compact-1.5.xpi [ Nov 29, 2005 ]

Compact Menu is a wrapper for the menubar in Firefox which lets you cut the menubar down to the menus you use, and even reduce the space it takes up to a single menu item.
linkToolbar.xpi [ Sep 12, 2005 ]

Bringing Mozilla’s “Site Navigation Bar” [Link Toolbar] to Firefox as a series of buttons. Superseded by Link Widgets

for Mozilla Firefox Browser

ook.xpi [ Feb 03, 2006 ]

Bookmarks on Context Menu for Mozilla Firefox Browser.
Orbit 3+1
Orbit Retro
LindowsOS Orbit

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