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chromEdit - the User File Editor - lets you customise your Mozillan Application [ Moz, Fx or Tb ]

Edit userChrome.css, userContent.css or user.js, without the hassle of finding your profile.

Older versions

Latest bugs filed on chromedit

Bug #Description
24244 Oh the irony, unuseable
19792 On Installation Receive Error Message
14945 No "Installation Successful" Notification
12926 This extension appears abandoned...
11349 Damned annoying shark aquarium below status bar
11051 user.js modification not saved or used by Firefox
10789 Won't install under newer versions of Thunderbird [1.5 betas up]
10628 chromedit does not install under Deerpark Alphas
9992 zh-TW locale for chomEdit
9955 localize to ja-JP

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