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Download for Firefox 1.5.0.*

Compact Menu is an extension for the Mozillan Browser (Firefox) and Mail client (Thunderbird) that allows you to reorganize the menu options on the menu bar in such a way that the user has more horizontal space on the menu bar to add buttons or other options.

It allows you to have one option called 'Menu' which acts as a drop-down list in which the normal menu items are shown in the order that they would appear on the menu bar. You can also choose to not display the word 'Menu' and use an icon instead.

In the options window of this extension (where-ever it will go...) you can choose which menu items to display in the drop-down list. The available options are the default options in (i.n.n.h.).

Note that if you choose not to see an option, this option will also not be shown if you revert to normal view. If you disable the extension through the Options panel (if they keep the name), you will see the default menu options in (i.n.n.h.) again.

All in all, this extension saves a lot of horizontal screen space and is particularly useful if you have all the menu's on one menu bar.

Words by RAF (see MZ fora)


Older versions

Latest bugs filed on compact

Bug #Description
17725 Compact menu will break addon which adds its own menu
15956 "Compact menu" extension is broken with the History menu
14385 menu alt+m gets into a bad state
14135 New Menu Items not showing in the Options panel
13615 Compact Menu is not compatible with Firefox 1.6a1 and beyond.
13150 on spawn new FF with executable, compactmenu fails
12411 CompactMenu still has problems with SessionSaver
12193 CompactMenu incompatible with PlainOldFavorites
12187 Compact Menu is not compatible with Firefox 1.5 RC3 and beyond.
12112 Compact menu incompatible with Firefox 1.5 RC2

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