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Install the Link Toolbar.

A useful description is located elsewhere.

File a new bug (or feature request).

Older versions

Latest bugs filed on link toolbar

Bug #Description
16661 Cannot install on
15384 Incompatible with Firefox 2
14762 link toolbar
14761 link toolbar only installs on 1.0-1.4
13698 missing check of the TITLE attribute in the A tag
13171 Upon install, no notification is given of where the toolbar is
13170 Link toolbar does not appear in Fx 1.5
13069 Incompatible with FF (not really, workaround inside)
12842 Make Up button a menu
12251 version 1.1.99 doesn't work in Dutch Firefox

Latest bugs filed on linkit

Bug #Description
6267 Linkit: Customizable link detection (e.g. for non-English keywords)
6262 Linkit should prefetch Next and Previous links
4742 Having linkit enabled stops java applet from loading
4152 Digger like capability in LinkIt

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