Thursday January 24th 2019 UTC



Trivial creates the following buttons for Phoenix: Cut, Copy, Paste, Full Screen, Tab/Window Close, Save Page, and Increase/Decrease/Reset Font Size!

The New Tab button has been re-added to the tabbed browsing window.

Alt-O as a shortcut key to 'Options...'

CTRL+Q can now be used to exit.

Older versions

Bug #Description
24244 Oh the irony, unuseable
19792 On Installation Receive Error Message
19470 Conflict between Status Buttons and Organize Status Bar
17725 Compact menu will break addon which adds its own menu
16661 Cannot install on
15956 "Compact menu" extension is broken with the History menu
15384 Incompatible with Firefox 2
14945 No "Installation Successful" Notification
14762 link toolbar
14761 link toolbar only installs on 1.0-1.4

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